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Frequently Asked Questions

Many questions about the THA exist, here are the answers to some of them.

Who or what is VMS/Villa Marketing Solutions, and why is the THA working with them?

No, the THA is NOT affiliated with VMS. Your privacy is important to us, and all of your personal data is safe with the THA.
The THA is currently borrowing a place to host its discussion forum at VMS's servers, but this is temporary - work is being done to move the Forum out of the VMS website and into TTHA's own website. Please bear with us for another week or two.

What do I get as a member?

Access to our members-only area, with important info (articles), access to our secure forum where you can discuss with other members from our four member sites, news updates from AGMs, and shortly discounts with important businesses. And most important of all, important advice on important questions, especially those handled at AGMs! You can also discuss AGM agendas before the AGM takes place.
Those who wish are also welcome to follow us on Facebook and Twitter - a special invitation is required for these, send us an email once you've become a member for more info.

Why are the leaders of the THA not showing their names?

A: This is not done for joy, but for safety. A long tradition has shown that exposing yourself draws a huge lot of flak from those that you oppose. This has been especially true with Artev Global, but also with some of the earlier Site Management companies. It should be enough to know that the THA consists of other owners - just like you! Once the THA has grown large enough, the names of the committee can be safely exposed.

What is Tuzla Homeowners Association and what has happened to Turquoise Homeowners Association?

A: The Tuzla Homeowners Association is an association which welcomes members from all four sites (Flamingo CC, Royal Heights, Lakeside Gardens and Turquoise), as well as any other nearby sites, should they be interested. We believe that in order to make progress, each site should not have to re-invent the wheel and do the same mistakes that have already been made by others.
The Turquoise HA is also an open association, where anyone (including BODs and Artev) can read freely whatever is written, whereas the Tuzla HA is more secretive and provides "safe havens", where members can discuss openly without fear of repressals.

I have feedback - where shall I direct it?

Our contact page can be used for this. Please click on it in the top menu.

How much does membership cost?

Currently it's only £10 per property owned. For that, you get a lot of value, including discounts with local Turkish businesses (coming really soon!)


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    Hi all guests, I am a fellow owner and I urge everyone to join and support our petitions as you are aware there is great strength in numbers. We need your support.
    Every time I visit the site there are a considerable number of visitors, Take a punt Join.
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    I feel the home page would benefit from a dropbox for comments.
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    Hi GUESTS I see there are currently 8 guests visiting the site why not join us as members, we could do with your support.

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