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Having trouble paying via Paypal?


Technical advice

Are you experiencing trouble paying via Paypal? We're sorry that things are not working for you.
Here's some advice which might help.

Most likely, the problem is with Paypal or with your card. Still, we will do our best to help each member who runs into problems.

First of all, we assume that you have already checked that the Card you are using to make your payment is valid, has not expired, and has enough money or credit on it. If this is not the case, the payment will never get through - try ANOTHER CARD. If you only have one, ask if you can use your spouse's card, or a friend's, and pay them back.

Technical advice

* If the return message is that the card in not valid or not accepted, try using another debit/credit card. Some cards like Maestro and even AMEX may not be accepted by Paypal.

* If the return message tells you that there is not enough money on the card, you can try depositing money (this may sometimes take a day or more), and then try again.

* If you are receiving any other technical message, please do the following:

  • Copy or write down the exact error message, word for word.
  • If you know how to, please capture a screenshot of the message.
  • Write a message to and include the following:
    •  The steps you took just before you received the message - starting with when you selected the amount and pressed the "Buy" button on TTHA's page
    •  The exact message you wrote down (see above)
    •  The file containing the screenshot, if you created one
    •  Any other information describing the problem, which you think may be helpful.

We will look into your problem as soon as possible, and will email you back on the email you used to contact us with.

We also advice that you send a copy of the email (cc:) to, so that they know that you are in the process of making a payment. Thereby your account will not be cancelled or disabled by mistake.



Exchange Rates

TRY Exchange rates

TRY February 23, 2018

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EUR EUR 4.6575
GBP GBP 5.2962
NOK NOK 2.0777
SEK SEK 2.1596

Paypal Donation

Donations to TTHA are used entirely to promote the association's work for a better community. Any amount is appreciated! (min 1 GBP)

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