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The THA exists primarily as a focus group for homeowners where ideas and concerns relating to Turquoise, Flamingo, Royal Heights and Lakeside can be freely expressed. It will also become a very useful social forum where owners can arrange neighbourly get-togethers and other social activities.

Who can join?

We welcome owners from all sites in the area which have been built by the same builder, and who wish to join us.

Why should I join?

It is important that we have a committed and growing membership so that we have a credible voice when opposing any activity that might adversely affect our interest as home owners. The more we are, the greater our chances to make an impact. "United we stand".

You can help greatly by encouraging friends and neighbours at Tuzla to join the Association.  The joining fee is (currently) a mere £10 per property owned and a solid membership and financial fund will ensure that, if and when needed, we can hire independent legal advice relating to our status and protection under condominium law.

So please talk to your friends and neighbours and emphasise the real benefits of membership which are considerable, encouraging them to join. The nominal joining fee will create financial peace of mind helping us have quiet enjoyment of our properties.

But we already have a Board of Directors (BOD) on our site?

We strongly emphasise that WE ARE NOT an opposition group to any of the BODs.  They continue to do good work around the sites with innovations and maintenance work that makes our sites look more attractive and our visits more enjoyable and they have our full support. 

What do I get as a member?

This is the current list of benefits you receive once you become a paying member. As we engage more owners, we can offer even more benefits.

  • Access to our members-only area,
  • Important articles and information
  • Access to our secure forum
  • Contact with members from all four sites
  • News updates from AGMs
  • Discounts with local businesses (coming REALLY soon!)
  • Important advice on important questions
  • Discuss AGM agendas before the AGM takes place
  • Access to our private Facebook group (special invitation required)
  • Access to our Twitter feed (special invitation required)

So, what do I need to do to become a member?

There are three steps you need to complete.

1. Please send your joining fee adding your name and property number as reference to:

IBAN: GB53MIDL40-41-57 40535788               NOTE: THIS IS A NEW BANK ACCOUNT NO!

Sort code: 40-41-57
A/C: 40535788

This is an English Account - abroad you need to use all the information. 
In England only the sort code and account is needed.

CLICK HERE to go to the payment page

2. You should also go to our Registration page and create an account for this website.

3. When done, send an email to to let us know that you have transferred the funds. (Please state the name(s) of your property/ies, and if you are using another email please also include what username you chose.)
Once we have confirmed your payment, we are in a position to activate your account and invite you onto our secure THA Forum were you will be able to talk to other THA members  in confidence, and to the rest of the member's area with all the above assets.


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Paypal Donation

Donations to TTHA are used entirely to promote the association's work for a better community. Any amount is appreciated! (min 1 GBP)

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